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  • The format of this Kindle eBook is no longer the old reflowable text but the new “print replica” that maintains the rich formatting and layout of the print book. While well suited for a guide book that includes multiple maps, pictures and tables, this new format may not be compatible with all devices. See Amazon’s list of compatible devices. The Kindle reader is available for free and can be downloaded at — follow the link below to and find the link on the book page).
    $12.95 plus taxes when and where applicable. This popular pricing reflects the author’s desire to make the book widely available to counterweigh the high cost associated with the full-color printing of the paperback.
    Notice: As of October 31, 2019 Amazon discontinued the Kindle Matchbook feature that gave the buyer of the printed book the option to purchase this Kindle eBook for $2.99. This author has no control over this change and regrets it.

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