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How These Books Will Help You

Fishing in any setup is about finding where the fish are, how to get to them and how to catch them. These guide books will take you on foot to the fish and show you how to catch them with a fly rod. If you are a novice at the sport, the books will get you started on the right footing. If you are an experienced fly fisher, the books will save you years of exploration time by directing you to where the fish are and when they are there.

How to Buy

Wade Fly Fishing the Upper St. Johns River Basin (Florida) for American Shad was published in late 2014; Wade Fly Fishing Mosquito Lagoon and North Indian River Lagoon (Florida) was published in early 2016; Wade Fly Fishing Northern Vermont was published in late 2018 in three separate print books (due to size) and one Kindle eBook that covers all three print books; Wade Fly Fishing the Eastern Townships West of Lake Memphremagog is the last book of the series and was published September 30, 2020, in French and English. These books are available on Amazon in both eBook and full-size color paperbacks.