Available on Amazon as of September 30, 2020: Wade Fly Fishing the Eastern Townships of Québec West of Lake Memphremagog is a complete guide to all the rivers where you can fly fish in the Canadian portion of the Missisquoi River, Rivière aux Brochets and the three rivers of the upper Yamaska River watershed. These three watersheds correspond roughly to the historic counties of Brome, Missisquoi and the southern part of Shefford in the Eastern Townships of Québec.

    Well known for their ski resorts, the Green Mountains of the Eastern Townships are an extension of the Green Mountains of Vermont and offer wild brook trout fishing in the mountain brooks. In addition, numerous lakes and ponds are scattered throughout the territory and offer diversified fishing. West of the Green Mountains, the Appalachian foothills are a transition zone between the mountains and the plain where human activity has transformed the landscape. This is the Montérégie, named after the Monteregian Hills, these mountains with rounded peaks that dot the landscape and seem to come out of nowhere. This region is well known for its wine production. Here the lakes are generally larger but it is the rivers that give the fly fisher the best opportunities to target multiple species, especially warmwater fish, but also surprises, such as winter trout fishing, or fly-fishing for redhorse and carp. Finally, the great Yamaska River in the St. Lawrence Lowlands offers surprising wade fly-fishing opportunities and a real chance on the walleye and muskies that haunt these waters.

    In keeping with the ways of the “Wade Fly Fishing” series this is as precise a guide book as you can buy. The detailed maps will take you to every wade fly-fishable stretch of streams, as well as to the wade accesses to lakes and ponds in the three watersheds. As an added bonus, the reader will learn about the history of each of the villages and towns that the streams cross. This region has history, so why not learn a little about it?

    This book is the only one in the series that is available in both French and English versions.


    Also known as Wading Luc, Luc Desjarlais is a Canadian living in Sutton in the Province of Québec, a stone’s throw from the Vermont U.S. border. An early retiree and dedicated wade fly fisher, Wading Luc has spent the most part of the last 20 years roaming the streams of Northern Vermont and those of the Canadian Eastern Townships pursuing the usual suspects: salmon, trout and bass, but also the unusual pike, carp and others with the fly rod. Several years of wintering in Florida found him in Mosquito Lagoon terrorizing red drum and spotted seatrout and in the St. Johns River pursuing American shad.

    Wade Fly Fishing the Eastern Townships of Québec West of Lake Memphremagog is the fourth publication in the “Wade Fly Fishing” series by Luc Desjarlais.


    The “Wade Fly Fishing” series of guide books covers two geographic areas that are 1,300 miles apart and seemingly have little in common. Look closer and you will find two wade fly-fishing paradises in surprisingly preserved natural settings. “Wade Fly Fishing” takes you fly-fishing prime waters year-round in paradise settings.

    The two South books cover renowned areas in the East Central region of Florida. Wade Fly Fishing Mosquito Lagoon and North Indian River Lagoon (Florida) covers the two lagoons north of Titusville and south of New Smyrna Beach. Wade Fly Fishing the Upper St. Johns River Basin (Florida) for American Shad covers the St. Johns River from Sanford to Cocoa and the Econlockhatchee River from its mouth near Geneva to Oviedo.

    The two North books cover Northern Vermont and Southern Québec, an underrated territory ranging from south and west of Lake Memphremagog to Lake Champlain. Wade Fly Fishing Northern Vermont covers the Clyde, Barton/Willoughby, Black, Missisquoi (in the United States) and Lamoille Rivers, from headwaters to mouth, and all their tributaries. Wade Fly Fishing the Eastern Townships of Québec West of Lake Memphremagog covers the North Yamaska River, the South-East Yamaska River and the Yamaska River proper to the Eastern Townships Autoroute, the entire North Missisquoi River, the section of the Missisquoi River proper situated in Canada, and Rivière Aux Brochets from the U. S. border to its mouth in the Missisquoi Bay of Lake Champlain, including all the tributaries of these rivers that are worthy of fly-fishing.